Yelarbon has their say

Yelarbon School

Residents of Yelarbon are encouraged to have their say on a new platform for better communication between Council, community organisations, government, non-government agencies and local businesses.

Inaugural Chair, Councillor Rick Kearney says it will provide the opportunity for community members to actively contribute to conversations about local issues and services.

“The Yelarbon Community Consultative Committee will effectively be the united voice of Yelarbon when liaising with Council and Government departments and other external service providers, and will be a primary point of contact for Council to address any issues,” he says.

Its a concept strongly supported by local member for Southern Downs Lawrence Springborg, a resident of the area, who believes there is strength in one united voice for communities.

Council annually commits funds in its budget for projects in Yelarbon and it is the intention for the Community Consultative Committee to play a major part when supplying input to Council and prioritising and delivering projects to the community and the region as a whole.

“No issue should be dealt with in isolation. We need to take a regional approach to keep the heart beating in our small communities such a Yelarbon,” says Councillor Kearney.

The first meeting of the Yelarbon Community Consultative Committee will be held at the Soldiers Memorial Hall at 5:30pm, Monday 3rd August and the meeting is based on the very successful CAN meetings operating in Texas and Inglewood.

As there are fewer government departments based in Yelarbon, the format will differ slightly with a meeting structure that will invite Government agencies based in Yelarbon (example Police, Education and inbound Health providers) and non-government agencies (example groups, clubs and organisations based in Yelarbon) a time to present and report on their activities in the first part of the meeting to be followed by a section of community interest.

It would be preferable that any points are listed on the agenda for discussion however discussion will not be limited to agenda items and items will be heard from the floor during the Community Section.

Details of any suggestions will then be taken back to Council by the Council Representative for a final decision at a future Council Meeting.

The initial meeting will be chaired by Deputy Mayor Councillor Rick Kearney and the group will decide if this is the format to follow and the regularity of the meetings e.g. monthly or bi-monthly.

Council encourages residents and interested parties to attend. For more information or to list agenda items for discussion, please contact Council’s Customer Service Office on 07 4671 7400 or e mail to