Year 12 Students Under the QCS Pump

Emotions and nerves are no doubt running high for many this morning as Year 12 students across Our Towns today and tomorrow buckle down for the annual Queensland Core Skills (QCS) Test.Queensland Core Skills test

Our guys join with approximately 30,000 other Queensland year 12 students who will do four test papers over Tuesday and Wednesday — a Writing Task, two Multiple Choice papers and a Short Response paper.

The test assesses achievement in skills that are common across the curriculum.

Each test paper has questions related to materials, such as poetry, prose, graphs, tables, mathematical and scientific data, and works of art.

This year is the third last for the Core testing regime with the final QCS Test to be held would be held in 2019. A new system of senior assessment will commence for students entering Year 11 in 2019.

The Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) will replace the OP from 2020.

The questions our year 12’s face in testing today are designed, we are told, to encourage students to demonstrate skills, such as using correct spelling, punctuation and grammar, hypothesizing, analyzing, and calculating with or without a calculator.

The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority uses the test results to compare the achievements of students studying different subjects at different schools.

The results of which see each student graded with an OP score that assists in establishing what tertiary education pathways may be open to them.

To all taking part in the tests across the region – Good luck, give the tests your very best and remember they are just two days of what is the rest of your life.

And also remember this as your stress levels rise – It’s Your life…

You own the tests and they are meant to help not hinder – You own them, they do not own you.