Weapons and dangerous driving charges, Dirranbandi

Police have charged a 29-year-old St George man with 22 offences following a series of incidents which originated in New South Wales and continued in a series of dramatic police chases yesterday through the Dirranbandi area.

Police say the drama began at around 2pm on Tuesday when they attempted to intercept a man as he travelled across the New South Wales – Queensland border in a stolen 4WD utility.

They allege the man deliberately collided with a police vehicle causing minor damage during the attempt to intercept his vehicle.

The chase continued when the man was spotted late that afternoon.

Police claim the alleged offender drove into dense scrub land during the chase, with his vehicle sustaining damage and becoming unable to be driven.

Police say the man then alighted from his vehicle and threatened a 42-year-old local man, who was in the vicinity, with a firearm, before fleeing on foot.

Around midday yesterday, with the assistance of New South Wales police, the man was found and apprehended hiding in bush land on a property outside Dirranbandi.

A search of area where the offender had sought refuge overnight resulted in Police locating of a number of alleged stolen weapons.

Police say the input from members of the public, particularly in the Dirranbandi area and the New South Wales Police Force (New England LAC) deserves thanks and high praise for their efforts and assistance during the dramatic 30-hour period.

A 29-year-old St George man has been charged with weapon, property and serious traffic offences, some of which include- dangerous driving, dangerous conduct with a weapon, discharging a weapon, unlawful possession of a weapon, unlawful use of a motor vehicle, fail to stop a motor vehicle, common assault and obstruct police.

Investigations are continuing, and it is envisaged further charges may be laid in the future.