UPDATE: Election Count


The counting continues as we get closer to finding out who will be representing the interests of Goondiwindi for the next four years.

With 81.74% of all the votes counted, check out the numbers as of 4:05pm, 22/03/16.

Candidates continue to sit neck-and-neck with incumbent mayor Graeme Scheu a fraction ahead – but it’s still too early to call.

Graeme Scheu 50.73%
Hugh McMicking 49.27%


Results are just as tight for local council candidates, but we’re getting closer to finding out who will be Goondiwindi’s local councillors.

At this stage voting is too close to call though Lachlan Brennan, David Turner, Joan White, Rick Kearney, Rick McDougall and Rob Mackenzie are in the lead.

Lachlan Brennan 12.24%
David Turner 10.50%
Joan White 9.46%
Rick Kearney 9.24%
Rick McDougall 9.04%
Rob Mackenzie 8.92%
David McMahon 8.73%
Lori Mackay 8.69%
Alison Hilton 7.42%
Wayne Pratt 6.61%
Brad Johnson 5.28%
Doug Redmond 3.87%


The counting continues and we will keep you updated with results as they come to hand.