Trivia tactics – your guide to the ultimate trivia team

Rejoice all lovers of useless facts – there’s a trivia night this Saturday 27 February at the Royal Hotel, hosted by the Goondiwindi Hawks Australian Football Club.

It’s sure to be a cracker of a night, and a great excuse to show off your extensive knowledge of capital cities around the world/AFL grand final winners of the ’70s/various breeds of cats.

For some, trivia is just an excuse to catch up and have a yarn and a few drinks, maybe answer some questions and just generally enjoy a social night.

Obviously, they are wrong – trivia is a serious affair.

To ensure you’re onto a winning team, here’s our handy guide to make sure you’ve got what it takes to win the glorious title of TRIVIA CHAMPIONS.


1. Diversify your strengths

Think about who’s going to be on this amazing line-up that is your trivia. There’s no point in having four of you that are mad-keen on sport. Who can you invite to the table who has boundless knowledge in an area you know nothing about? Can you call on your mum and her expertise in classic hits from the 80s? Nanna probably has excellent general knowledge, and your kid cousin is probably up-to-date with whatever strange popular things kids enjoy these days.

There’s usually a sport round, a music round and a general knowledge round – make sure you’ve got at least one person on the team who has extensive knowledge on that topic.


2. Keep your voice down

Yes, I know, it’s so exciting when you instantly know the answer to a question, especially when it’s a doozy and you have a ‘uh-HUH!’ moment.

What’s less exciting is when you yell it out in an ecstatic whisper to your team, and in turn, the entire room. Boom – that question that was going to land you in the lead spot just got point for every single team.

Try communicating with your team via writing instead, to minimise the risk of prying ears.

Unless of course, your tactic is decoy answers. Yelling out the wrong answer is definitely a suitable trivia tactic, and should be used basically as much as possible.


3. Prepare beforehand

As I’m sure the Goondiwindi Hawks will tell you, you never go into a game without training properly first. That’s just a general life lesson, and trivia is no exception.

Of course, you don’t know what questions you’re going to have to answer, but you can still definitely arm yourself with some extra knowledge. Read the dictionary and pick up a bit of extra vocabulary, look up the collective nouns of various animals (a group of hummingbirds is  a’charm’ – you’re welcome!) and watch a few classic movies – you never know what might come in handy!