TPP and ‘free-trade’ killing off Australia


KAP Federal Leader and Member for Kennedy Bob Katter MP has delivered a ferocious attack on the Trans Pacific Partnership in Parliament.

Mr Katter has slammed free-trade in Parliament saying it is the result of a colonial inferiority mentality that would sicken any decent Australian.

“It has wreaked havoc in our country economically and brought in diseases such as citrus canker, panama, black sigatoka and papaya fruit fly.”

Mr Katter says that while bureaucrats of Canberra talk about Australia’s clean green image, it is hard now to point to a single disease that has not come into Australia as a result of this free trade regime.

“This underlines the hypocrisy and the gulf between Canberra and the people of Australia – It is not the Canberra cultural cringe, it is a colonial cultural cringe whose inferiority complex would sicken any decent Australian.”

He says all free trade has achieved for Australia is failure and disease.

“It gave away the entire coal seam gas reserves of this nation; $23 billion a year was given away. We gave it away for six cents a gigajoule and we bought it back for $16 a gigajoule. In fact, it is cheaper to buy Australian gas in Tokyo and bring it back to Australia than to actually buy it in Australia. That was a magnificent free-trade deal.”

“We freed up the wool industry – oh, what a magical achievement; it is now costing the nation $16 billion a year. Ethanol: ‘Oh, we must have a level playing field; we must have a free market.’ So, while Brazil produces ethanol and provides a $4 billion cross subsidy to its sugar industry, we’re ‘free trading’, so we import $23 billion worth of petrol every year instead of producing one litre of petrol of our own, which, of course, we could do tomorrow with ethanol. “

“Oh, and we wiped out the entire manufacturing industry of Australia. The car industry alone was $25 million a year. Just in coal seam gas, wool, ethanol and motor vehicles, we have lost $40, $50, $60, $70 billion in just five items.”

“I have seldom, in this entire parliament, heard so much complete and utter drivel.”

“We pleaded with them not to allow the prawns in. If you allow prawns in, you will get white spot. Well, we got white spot. We got citrus canker. We got Panama disease. We got black sigatoka. We got papaya fruit fly. Our phytosanitary requirements are an absolute joke.”