Threatened species to be Protected – Mount Windsor

One million hectares of threatened night parrot habitat will be protected for future generations when Mount Windsor in western Queensland is declared a nature refuge.

night parrot
Environment Minister Leeanne Enoch says the Mount Windsor Nature Refuge – located 230km west of Longreach and covering about 500,000 hectares – is the largest nature refuge in Queensland.

“Despite the arid environment, the nature refuge provides habitat for endangered and vulnerable species, including the timid night parrot. It’s also home to the greater bilby, kowari, purple-necked rock-wallaby, dunnarts, hopping mice, and a large variety of reptiles.”

The nature reserve extends about 100kms from east to west and north to south, making it a significant natural corridor for species to migrate.

Landowner Bob McDonald says Mount Windsor was hard yet beautiful country.

Minister Enoch said McDonald Holdings own the Mount Windsor property and they also own Ballara Nature Refuge and Rutland Plains Nature Refuge.

“Following the addition of Mount Windsor Nature Refuge, McDonald Holdings are the owner of the greatest area of nature refuges in Queensland, and are responsible for protecting over 900,000ha of conservation-significant land in Queensland.”

“Today, cattle are sustainably grazed on Mount Windsor by the McDonald family, who have managed the land for over 50 years, while large areas of Mount Windsor remain in near natural condition and function as refuge areas for native wildlife.”

The McDonald family are working with Bush Heritage Australia (BHA), which owns and manages the Pullen Pullen Reserve Nature Refuge next door.