Those Buses, Bikes, Mum and Dad Cars and Little Tykes.

There’s a lot more for us all to watch out for on the roads around our state today- as school is in, from today, for most of our 2018 school students- Almost all 817,000 of them.

flashing shool zone sign
So, remember those school “speed zones” … Police say they will be active on that this week… And look out for the school buses, watch extra carefully at crossings, and remember those little ones can be hard to spot as they dart forward from footpaths, trees or as they swing open the door to climb out of the family truck.

More than 65,000 students will start prep year across Queensland this week.

For those entering year 11, there’s some change-High schools will start laying the groundwork for year 11 students for changes to the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) and the new tertiary entrance system which starts as they finish their school years in 2019.

The Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says the focus will be on eradication of bullying this year in our schools.

She says she will “rededicate” the government to working with children, parents, schools and the community to help stop bullying and to put the issue on the national agenda.

“We need to raise awareness around this issue and we must have a national conversation and action about how we tackle it as we have done on family and domestic violence.”

And while ours head back to the classroom s today, almost all other states will head back next Monday 29th, in WA students won’t be back behind the desks until the 31st.

And in the National Capital students will go back from February 2, while Tasmanian students will go back to school from February 7.

Slow down, keep an eye out for the kids and good luck to all of you heading back to the books today.

TEACHERS- Smiles on Please.