This Doing the Rounds – It’s a SCAM

fine scam pic

Police are warning community members to be wary of this scam e-mail doing the rounds this week.

They say it’s been running red hot!

Scores of people, Police say have received different versions of the email which alleges that the recipient has committed a traffic infringement.

Phone calls are being received in similar numbers at the Road Policing Unit by impacted residents as well.

Police say there are many ways to identify this as a scam email, here they are:

– In Queensland, unless you are stopped by a police officer for a traffic offence, and by agreement – you consent to receiving the relevant infringement notice by way of an email (an email address which you nominate to the officer) then you will NEVER receive an email infringement.

– This scam email is generic – meaning – it is not addressed to anyone.  Any email which is not addressed to you by name as the recipient, yet encourages you to provide personal information, open a link or attachment – should cause all sorts of internal alarm bells and warning signs to activate.

– There are no sender details including name, contact details etc.

– Been issued an infringement notice by the Australian Federal Police lately? Didn’t think so.

Police say that while some people by nature are very inquisitive do not click on or DOWNLOAD YOUR INFRINGEMENT NOTICE link.

It will activate malware.

Traffic Infringement email scams in the past have resulted in the delivery of the Ransomware virus to a system – meaning all your files/data will be encrypted, and the crook will demand money (in the form of Bit Coin) from you to remove the encryption. It is an unpleasant experience.

If you have been impacted by the Ransomware virus in this instance, Police advice is NOT to pay any ransom demand. Seek help and assistance from an IT specialist.

Report the matter through the ACORN (Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network) as soon as possible.