Thinking Beyond A Crisis

State Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington is urging the Palaszczuk government to reverse the trend of previous Labor Governments and prioritise support for the bush in next week’s State Budget.

Deb Frecklington
Ms Frecklington says the agricultural industry was hugely important for the state.

“We need to understand first and foremost that the agricultural industry is one of the key economic drivers of this state, so I will be looking at that the Budget and making sure that there is more for agriculture because it is more than just drought subsidies, we need actual support in research and development as well.”

“My question is, what’s the government doing immediately because I don’t think our producers should have to wait until after 2020 when LNP will hopefully be back in government.”

Ms Frecklington has unveiled key parts of the LNP’s plan to bring down electricity prices in Queensland.

“All we see and hear out of Annastacia Palaszczuk and the Labor government is something that will only, if at all, benefit the south east corner. The LNP’s two-part plan that we’ve announced today is all around restructuring the government-owned generators from two to three.”

“We believe that will increase competition, which will drive down prices, but we also mandate the investment by those government-owned companies in renewable energy because we want to make sure that Queensland gets the best out of the National Energy Guarantee rather than going down the path of what the Labor government are doing.”