Think of Your Furry Family Members

Photography by Paul Wilkinson Photography Ltd.

With the long weekend upon us and hot hot weather we’re being urged to think beyond ‘self’ and include pets in our planning.

Acting Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries and Minister for Rural Economic Development Leeanne Enoch says with Queensland expected to have some of the hottest days on record this long weekend, it was important that pets are kept safe.

“All animals need to have water, food and appropriate shelter available to them at all times, especially when temperatures soar. It’s not just people who feel the heat during Queensland’s hotter days – your pets also need protection from the potential harmful effects of the hot weather.”

“If your family is going to be away from home, even if it is just for the weekend, you need to make arrangements to ensure your pets are cared for.”

Not caring properly for your animals is an offence under the Animal Care and Protection Act 2001, which places a legal duty of care on everyone in charge of animals.

This duty of care means the owner or person caring for an animal has a legal obligation to provide for this animal’s needs.

Five key areas of consideration are:

– food and water

– accommodation or living conditions

– display of normal behaviour

– treatment of injury or disease

– handling