The Labor Bid to Win Southern Elections Must Stop

The Murray–Darling Basin Authority (MDBA) has joined the chorus of organisations slamming the Labor Party’s latest anti Queensland move as it moves to win green favour.

Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten
It’s latest decision to support the Greens Disallowance Motion in the Senate that will see a further 70 GL recovered from the Northern Basin has been slammed as non sensical and lacking scientific fact.

MDBA says it stands by the Northern Basin review process and urges all parties to examine its detailed and published evidence when considering the amendments currently before Parliament.

The Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) and members have condemned the decision by the Federal Labor Party.

The MDBA says its recommendation are based on the best available science and evidence, and involved an extensive and comprehensive review process over four years.

Phillip GlydeCEO of the organisation Phillip Glyde says he is deeply concerned that the Greens and Labor moves for a disallowance of the Northern Basin Amendments will have significant consequences for the implementation of the Basin Plan—at a time when it is more important than ever to maintain consensus and stay the course.

“The MDBA made this recommendation because we identified that the environmental benefits sought through the Basin Plan could be delivered with 70 GL less water recovery—while saving about 200 jobs in local irrigation-dependent communities.”

“I hope that the Parliament will take into account the published, professional and peer-reviewed analysis, which is fully documented on our website, in their consideration of these amendments.”

He says the MDBA decisions are evidenced based.

“The modelling and data which underpinned our recommendations was strong, accurate and stood up to the scrutiny of independent peer-review.”

“The MDBA is an independent, science-based and evidence-driven organisation—our chief objective is to deliver the Murray–Darling Basin Plan in a way that will secure the future of this vital river system and the communities and industries that rely on it.”

“We believe that the changes we have recommended to the Plan in the Northern Basin achieve the right balance between fiercely competing interests.”

QFF President Stuart Armitage says it was very disappointing that the Labor Party, particularly Queensland Labor Senators, appear set to put South Australian State Election politicking ahead of the needs of southern Queensland’s irrigation-dependent communities and farmers.

green-votes“Labor’s decision to vote against the Murray-Darling Basin Authority recommended amendments to the Basin Plan defy logic.”

“These independent recommendations are the result of a process that the Labor Government established when it signed the Basin Plan into law in 2012.”

“It is astounding that Labor also appear to be calling for a new review into the Northern Basin – after we have just completed a four-year process on this.”

“It is now essential, for the sake of the survival of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan, that cross bench Senators come to the table in the national interest to find a solution to this mess.”

“The Murray-Darling Basin Plan is a much-needed response to the decades of neglect of the Basin and must be implemented in a way that does not sacrifice our regional communities for the sake of political brinkmanship.”