State’s Grey Nomad Tax to slug South West Tourism

A “direct blow” to Western Queensland tourism is the label member for Warrego Ann Leahy is giving to the new State on Campervans and Motorhomes, that commenced on 1st July 2018.

Ms Leahy says the tax will hurt regional tourism across the South West Region.

“The regions are hoping for a bumper winter tourist season and South West Local Governments and volunteer local tourism groups are working really hard to grow the drive tourism market to support local jobs in rural and regional Queensland whilst the State Labor Government is taxing the industry.”

“The grey nomads contribute greatly to rural and regional tourism and Queensland families keen to enjoy the great outdoors will now be paying thousands of dollars more to ‘live the dream’, thanks to this new heartless tax.”

Ms Leahy says the tax will see thousands of dollars extra paid in registration fees to the State Government.

“And that’s dollars that will not go into local economies.”

“The Government claimed this was a tax on luxury vehicles – and they got it wrong.”

The new tax is a 2% duty on the value of every Queensland motor vehicle under 4.5 tonnes that are valued more than $100 000.

“The tax is paid on application to register or transfer vehicles i.e. when the vehicle is bought, either new or second hand.

“This is a tax on Grey Nomads many of which have worked hard and paid tax all their lives, and some sell up their homes to purchase motorhomes and travel the country.”

“This is a very heartless tax from the State Labor Government and they should scrap it.

In 2017, Queensland recorded the largest density of caravan registrations in Australia with eight of the top 10 postcodes located in Queensland and the state has the largest fleet of caravans and campervans in Australia, accounting for 170,812 registered vehicles.