‘Sneeze’ could change QLD Government

It’s been two weeks since the election, and yet the regions are still not expected to have a result until early next week, after what has been yet another day of developments in Queensland politics.

The two Katter Australia Party MP’s at the centre of the leadership tussle; holding the balance of power, have come out today saying that merely a ‘sneeze’ could change government.

Both major parties have responded to the KAP’s 28-point list of key policies and say while the LNP is currently ahead on priorities, they are confident the ALP will come back with a better response.

The LNP today released their blue print for the party to snag the KAP support.

Leader of the LNP, Lawrence Springborg says the LNP’s 45-point plan seeks to reasonably address the requests that have been made and offer a constructive plan for the state, focussing on regional issues.

“I think our response has been more positive and certainly addresses the issues where KAP and the LNP actually share common ground,” he said.

“Now it’s really a matter for them.”

Result waits on Governor Paul De Jersey

While many commentators have predicted Anastacia Palaszczuk will seek permission from the Governor to form a minority government as soon as the count is complete, Springborg isn’t ruling out the possibility LNP led government.

“That’s totally a matter for the government; all we’re saying here is we believe we’ll have 42 seats and there’s one under a recount at the moment,” he says.

“So we believe if we had the support of KAP then we may be in a position to be considered a government, but that’s totally a matter for the governor. That’s why governments decide these things; politicians don’t decide these things.”

Possibility of a by-election

He says there’s a possibility that the seat of Ferny Grove will go to a by-election and could work in their favour.

“It doesn’t matter whichever way this goes, we’ve got the potential of a re-election within the matter of a month or so… the parliament is going to be presided over by a minority government whichever way.”

The exhaustive list by the LNP included commitments to lower the cost of living, mandate Ethanol in fuel and rebuild front line services.

The patience of Queenslanders has surely been put to the test, with a result predicted more than two weeks after the close of polls.

It’s expected there will be a clear pathway for the future by next week…and if the rest of the election is anything to go by, there’s plenty of developments to come yet.