Smile – You’re on A Community Camera

Today, St George police launched the Community Camera Alliance, a voluntary closed-circuit television (CCTV) registration program.

The initiative aims to promote the positive relationship between the community and police by encouraging the registration of CCTV systems located in residential and business environments in St George in order to prevent crime and make the community safer.


Community Camera Alliance has been introduced in the area to allow residents and businesses to register existing CCTV locations with police so that it is more accessible in the event of an offence occurring at or around that location.

Acting Senior Sergeant Lisa Damman says the initiative will enhance investigative capacity and increase community engagement through the establishment of a voluntary CCTV registration system on the QPS database, QPRIME.

“CCTV has become a crucial investigative tool in modern day policing. CCTV vision is regularly used to investigate and solve serious crime, and is invaluable when used as evidence, potentially reducing investigation time resulting in swifter outcomes.”

“Registration is open to any individual, owner or operator of a CCTV system in St George.”

Information provided to police under the Community Camera Alliance program is stored in the secure QPS database, QPRIME, which can be accessed only by police.

Acting Senior Sergeant Damman SAYS Members of the QPS will be able to access the details of registrations for purposes of investigating crime.

“Your registration advises police where a CCTV system is located. If police believe that your system can assist to solve a crime or help in any other way, you will be contacted and asked to help.”

“If you change your mind, relocate or remove your system, you can notify St George police and we will have your registration removed.”

For further information and to fill out an online registration form, click here.