Shorten Should Dump Land Laws

AgForce is Calling on Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten to dump Labor’s plans to impose more restrictions on how farmers manage their land to show he was serious about regional economic development.

Bill Shorten
AgForce CEO Michael Guerin says he’s pleased Mr Shorten was visiting drought-affected communities and announcing funding for regional projects, but farmers needed good policies, not just financial support.

“While Mr Shorten is out in western Queensland today, farmers would love to hear him make a commitment to drop Federal Labor’s plans to introduce a new vegetation management trigger in Australia’s national environment law.”

“With the Queensland Labor Government passing laws this year that make it harder for farmers to grow food and shut down new agricultural development opportunities, the last thing we need is for Federal Labor to impose more red tape on our industry.”

“Rural Queensland needs policies that deliver strong environmental, social and economic outcomes, but Labor at both the state and federal level have shown little interest in addressing that challenge.”

“The drought has now been going on for more than six years in parts of Queensland, and we thank all Australians for rallying around our industry during these tough times.

“Farmers would also welcome similar community and political support for fair and balanced land management laws, so we can grow more food, create more jobs and look after the environment without being strangled in red tape.”