Share the Road

Road Hogs be warned – We’re all watching you today.

shae the road (002)
As part of Road Safety Week, the focus for today is on Sharing the Road.

Today’s theme sees Police encouraging Queenslanders to share the roads with others – be patient, move over and off as needed, let somebody in, give a wave of thanks to others doing the right thing, keep a look out for bicycles, motorcycles and pedestrians, know and follow the road rules.

Share the road
• Know and follow the road rules
• Share the road by driving courteously and patiently
• Look out for and give all other road users the extra space they need – especially trucks, cyclists and motorcyclists.

‘Speaking up for road safety’ is the focus and we’re encouraging the whole community to have their say.

Communities, schools, sporting groups and workplaces are encouraged to support the Week through hosting local events or sharing road safety information among staff, students, colleagues, family and friends.

You can share a personal story, suggest a road safety tip, talk to your kids, family and friends about staying safe, or make a pledge to improve just one thing to be safer on the road.

Visit Join The Drive for event information and to find out how you can get involved and follow the conversation on social media using the hashtag #SpeakUpforRoadSafety.