Regional mayors join arms to drive infrastructure developments


In true regional spirit, Mayors from across Queensland’s South West and Darling Downs have joined forces to ensure that community infrastructure needs will be met.

An idea spearheaded by the Mayor of  Toowoomba, Paul Antonio the Council of Mayors officially formed yesterday, bringing together the leadership abilities of representatives from ten regions including Goondiwindi, Quilpie, Maranoa, Murweh, Balonne, Southern Downs and Toowoomba.

Maranoa regional Mayor, Robert Lougnan says that he is glad to see the group harness their collective power to advocate for infrastructure improvements across the whole region.

“It’s essentially the mayors working together, advocating together as we have already done on numerous rail issues.”

The focus of the council will be pushing the need for road, rail and communications infrastructure that will benefit all the regions, which collectively make up a substantial 23 percent of Queensland.

As a pastoral and agricultural hub, the development of technology and transport services will unlock the region’s economic potential by enabling greater connectivity.

“It brings together a huge portion of Queensland and gives us some additional clout when dealing with government in trying to advocate for some of these big picture infrastructure projects,” says Cr Loughnan.

He says that collaboration between regional councils has proven to be the key to achieving recognition from the state and federal governments.

“One thing’s for sure, if we’re working together we’ve got a hell of a better chance… we’ve already seen the regions where the councils collaborate well together always do a lot better than those who don’t.”

The central spokesperson for the council will be Cr Antonio, who has shown his respect for the issues of the entire region.

“He’s definitely the right guy to be leading any sort of collaboration between all ten councils because he has such a goof understanding of what’s happening further west,” says Cr Loughnan.