Queensland Commits

Queensland today joined with other Murray Darling Basin states and the Australian Government in committing to the Murray-Darling Basin Compliance Compact to ensure the future of Queensland water users who rely on it to manage their farming operations.

Irrigation plant
Through this agreement, Queensland will now work with all Basin partners to strengthen governance and deliver an action plan based on recommendations from the Murray-Darling Basin Water Compliance Review.

Water Minister Anthony Lynham says the move follows the government own reports.

“This year I commissioned an independent audit, which has specifically identified areas in which Queensland can do better.”

“The audit identified that our systems and resourcing require urgent attention, we need to introduce robust governance of measurement and compliance and implement a new policy for water metering.”

I acknowledge we need to lift our game and as Minister I am committed to addressing these matters.”

“While the Basin region will be our initial priority, we will roll out similar reforms across the state through the Rural Water Management Program.”

“I have also called on the Federal Government to provide Queensland with funding – as it has with other states – to support the implementation of these important reforms.”