Producers Push Agriculture in Face of Election


With the uncertainty as to who will form a new State Government continues today, AgForce implores all elected Members of Parliament, including those involved in negotiation talks, to recognise the importance of agriculture and the policies required to allow the sector to thrive in Queensland.

AgForce General President, Grant Maudsley, says the organisation is committed to working with any Government and hopes the key contribution agriculture makes to the state economy will not be forgotten by either the LNP or Labor or in any negotiations underway with independents and minor parties.

“AgForce Queensland is ready and willing to work with any Government formed to advocate for sensible policies which are conducive to the prosperity of rural and regional communities and farming families,” says Mr Maudsley.

“Our industry is one of vital importance to the Queensland economy and to community resilience and this must be a key consideration of our leaders whoever they may be.

“We have been very clear throughout this election campaign as to what policy is required to allow us to make the most of the great opportunity ahead as our global markets grow and more focus is placed on sustainability and engaging with our consumers, he says.”

Key policies include:

  • Dealing with ‘short term’ challenges, for example ongoing drought and reduction of red tape and regulatory burden;
  • Securing the long-term future of agriculture, for example protection of prime farming and grazing land and continuing with the sensible reforms to vegetation management legislation;
  • Dealing with climate variability, for example cost-of-production insurance schemes to manage climate risk and continued funding of climatic and season forecasting research;
  • Maintaining Queensland’s clean, green credentials, for example disease preparedness and the retention of biosecurity staff so as to ensure product integrity and reputation in key markets as well as growth of the industry-leading Grazing Best Management Practice program;
  • Investing in our industry, for example the introduction of a biofuels mandate and critical investment in transport infrastructure.

“As we now look to the three years ahead we are keen to work positively with government and other stakeholders to ensure we are all listening to our on-the-ground producers and positioning ourselves to allow agriculture to thrive for the benefit of all Queenslanders,” says Mr Maudsley.