Premier announces State Recovery Co-ordinator

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has today announced the appointment of a State Recovery Co-ordinator to work with communities affected by flooding in North Queensland.

State Recovery Co-ordinator Brendan MoonBrendan Moon will begin work immediately to assist local Councils and communities in the recovery effort following this flooding event.

Mr Moon is the Chief Executive Officer of the Queensland Reconstruction Authority (QRA), Australia’s only permanent disaster recovery organisation and has led QRA operations for Tropical Cyclone Oswald and Severe Tropical Cyclone Debbie.

He is also the Queensland State Recovery Policy and Planning Coordinator, assisting with the rapid recovery of communities following natural disasters.

Financial assistance and support services are available to residents directly affected by flooding in parts of North Queensland and the Government’s Community Recovery Hotline is up and running and people can contact them on 1800 173 349.

The Premier urged all Queenslanders to remember, if it is flooded forget it, to always have a plan B and never take any risks around flood waters.