Power Shock – And Again It’s beyond SEQ That Hurts the Most

The gas might come from this way, the coal as well and even the new solar and wind farms may be being built this way, but a new report shows households located outside the pollie must please zone of the Brisbane region we’re paying up to $500 more a year for electricity.

electricity-price-rise 2
The Queensland Competition Authority has found that competition has delivered saving of up to $588 for south-east Queensland households. The saving increases to up to $1072 for small businesses.

But for households outside the greater Brisbane region it’s all downhill.

The only discounts available are $75 a year for households and $120 a year for small businesses, assuming they move to monthly billing options with Ergon Energy.

The findings have LNP Shadow Minister for Energy Michael Hart hopping.

“It is typical of Labor and its city-centric team to offer deals for south east consumers while the rest of Queensland sweltered. The government can fiddle figures on savings in South East Queensland all they want to convince consumers they’re doing something, but the reality is they’re doing little to redress soaring power prices and have completely let down regional electricity users.”

“Does the minister understand the government owns the generators? Why is it only a small number of Ergon customers are being offered $75 for households and $120 for small businesses?”

“Makes you wonder how much listening the Premier and her ministers did when they flew into Roma and Longreach this week.”

No sign of it getting any better with Labor indicating it would increase already record electricity prices by the average rate of inflation for the next two years during the election campaign last year.