Pop up Pain – Phishing, Halliday Bay

scam pic

There’s a new scam doing the internet rounds.

A 71-year- old Halliday Bay resident thought that they had received the deal of their life!  A pop up message was received on their mobile phone allegedly from their phone service provider.

The message said that for only $1.60 she could own her phone outright – simply click the link to make the payment.

Once only offer for a loyal customer. The Halliday Bay resident clicked the link and also submitted personal identification information including payment methods (account numbers etc).

Two days later $1.60 was removed from the account. Several days later two further unauthorised withdrawals were taken from the account (hundreds of dollars).

Police are reminding us all that from the offender’s perspective, the aim of phishing (by emails/texts/pop up messages) is to encourage you to activate a virus onto your system by clicking a link or opening an attachment.

Next on their list of priorities is encouraging you to provide personal and sensitive information to allow identity theft to occur.

Senior Constable Steve Smith says we need to remember that these messages can be dressed up in any fashion.

“Who wouldn’t want to own their phone outright for such a small amount? If the offer is too good to be true – warning flags should begin to appear.”

“If you lose money or sensitive personal information and the matter is not reported appropriately – then the offenders see that as a low risk endeavour on their side of the fence.”

“It encourages them to continue their efforts. Don’t give them a free swing – if you are impacted by phishing, report the matter through the A.C.O.R.N. system – Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network.”