Police Operation to Crack Down on Fake Rego Plates

A police road safety operation focusing on motorists with fake registration plates and unregistered vehicles has been launched across Queensland.
The three-month operation code named Operation Quebec Yield will also involve officers targeting drivers for red light, mobile phone and seat belt offences.

Road Policing Command Superintendent David Johnson says police had recently noticed an increase in the number of fake or cloned number plates on Queensland roads.

“We know those with false number plates are more likely to commit traffic offences and other criminal offences which puts our community at risk.”

“Police use registration plates to trace stolen vehicles and vehicles involved in crime and life-endangering traffic offences such as disobeying red lights and speeding.”

Superintendent Johnson says motorists without proper vehicle registration are also not paying their fair share as a road user.

“It also means the State Government has to foot the bill when motorists without insurance coverage cause crashes and injure others on our roads.”

“In the last five years more than 70 people have lost their lives on our roads in crashes involving an unregistered vehicle while many more have been hospitalised and require medical treatment.”

The operation will include Officers diligently checking all number plates on intercepted vehicles to ensure they are compliant and using Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology to detect unregistered/uninsured vehicles.

The operations will also see Police target drivers who, are distracted by their mobile phone or are not wearing their seat belts and those that run red lights.

Operation Quebec Yield will run from November 1, 2018 until January 31, 2019.