More Please

vlcsnap-2014-12-29-16h53m34s150Many parts of Queensland have received some much needed rain over the past few days, unfortunately Goondiwindi has not been so lucky.

Mayor Graeme Scheu says the lack of wet weather is very disappointing.

“It’s a good start we’ve only had about 25 mil [millimeters] which is very disappointing on the scale of things, but here’s hoping we get a little more to add to it because this certainly won’t go far,” he says.

In dyer times of drought, Goondiwindi is thankful for any rain it receives, but the town needs more than what has been recorded.

“It’s beautiful the way it’s fallen, nice and soft and soaked in but unfortunately there hasn’t been that much of it,” says Mayor Scheu.

He says Goondiwindi is hopeful its wet season will pick up.

“We’ve got to hope that we get a big more rain and the season to go with it. That’s our hope at the moment.

“If we can get that to flow our way it will be a big help.”