PD Astro and PD Quinn Ready for Retirement

It’s been a big career- but for two of the Police Services most loyal, it’s retirement time.

Police dog 2 (002)

After illustrious careers with the Queensland Police Service, Police Dog Astro and Police Dog Quinn hang up their harnesses and prepare to live out their retirement in style.

At six years old, PD Astro has served the Brisbane Dog Squad and most recently, the Mackay Dog Squad as a general purpose dog for over four years.

His mother was breeding dog Uma and his father is PD Stinger who is now with the Northern Territory police.

Police dog 1 (002)PD Astro is known for his high level of tracking ability.

He has located many offenders throughout his career and is responsible for the apprehension of numerous violent offenders. Trained as a tactical dog, he was deployed to Cairns and Brisbane to provide security for G20 delegates.

He was in the inner cordon when President Obama arrived and departed in Brisbane.

PD Quinn has specialised in general purpose, hard tac and human remains detection. Uniquely within the QPS, PD Quinn’s insatiable work drive has allowed him to perform three specialist roles and he has done so at a very high level.

In his role as a human remains detection dog, he has worked throughout Queensland, Western Australia and Victoria.

PD Quinn was bred by the QPS and was the only pup in his litter to Uma, the same mother as PD Astro. At the same vet surgery, a litter of Jack Russell pups were born at the same time and as their mother rejected them, they were put in with PD Quinn and raised by Uma.

PD Quinn is affectionately known as the Brisbane Dog Squad cattle dog because of the way he ‘rounds’ handlers up enticing them to play with him.

PD Astro and PD Quinn will enjoy retiring in the homes of their handlers.

Thank you for your service boys. Queensland is a safer place because of you.

We hope retirement is full of bones to chew on and lazy afternoons in the sun.