Operation Papa Guardian – You won’t miss it

And Police say it won’t miss you!

The major police blitz called Operation PAPA Guardian began in earnest today and with it 108 marked and six unmarked Road Policing Command motorcycles began patrols along the Warrego and Cunningham and Bruce Highways.

Operation PAPA Guardian
Deputy Commissioner Bob Gee says during the operation riders would undertake high visibility patrols and focus enforcement on the Fatal Five.

“There will be an increased police presence on the state’s major road networks between 9am and 2pm today with officers maintaining high visibility to discourage the contributing factors of road trauma.”

“Being highly visible deters offences, realigns driver attention and provides for a safe environment on our road networks.”

Deputy Commissioner Gee says the operation would coincide with the official release of the new QPS motorcycle livery, with all riders wearing new high visibility motorcycle jackets.

“In order to enhance our high visibility strategy and to maximise motorcycle rider safety the QPS will utilise new high visibility markings on Road Policing Command Yamaha and Honda motorcycle variants.”

“The new and improved motorcycle jackets enhance rider identification and increase visibility significantly.”

“The jackets were custom designed so that officers no longer have to wear a vest over their jacket when they depart the motorcycle to conduct road safety activities, which I’m sure our road policing officers will appreciate.

“Operation Papa Guardian kicks off a boosted police presence on our Queensland road networks just one week before the annual QPS Christmas road safety campaign.”