Triathlon results: Torture on the Border 2016

Torture on the Border

Torture on the Border sizzled through Texas last weekend, with athletes from all over the region braving the heat to bike, swim and run their way through the marathon.



Braithen Scott

Mac Ramsay

Declan Campbell



Chloe Fenwicke

Sam Shannon

Toby Moore



Indi Loy

Caroline Mayers


Open Females

Lisa Frost

Jane Webb

Jodi McClymont


Open Males

Adam Fox

Tim Richards

Alex North

Torture on the Border 1



Texas Tornadoes: Leah Saunders, Bella Saunders

HBH: Harry Wright, Boyd Bunch, Hamish Loughnan

Crazy Cowboys: Lachlan Finlay, Bailey Day, Lucas McCLymont



Lightning Bolts: Bill Brennan, Hunter Moore, Tom Ramsay

Farmer’s Daughters: Holly Campbell, Grace Ramsay, Evie Moore

Ruby’s Rebels: Ruby Wright, Molly West, Heath Loughman



Boarders: Sammy Ostwald, Millie Schoolie, Asha Higgins

Phoebe and Nicholas: Nicholas Shannon, Phoebe Shannon


Female team

Texas Trio: Jaime Colley, Jaime SCott

Bonnie and Simone: Bonnie Mayers, Simone Thompson

Give it a go: Bronnie Smith, Karen Backus


Male team

Glenn and Tom: Glenn Campbell, Tom Campbell


Mixed team

Goldstar: Geoff Webb, Marn Webb, James Hardcastle

Adam and Ang: Angela Shannon, Adam Cleeve

Ossie, Ossie, Ossie: Dan Ostwald, Andrew Gray, Lourensia Lubbe

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Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone involved!