Now that’s Pushin’ It!


All roads lead to Goondiwindi and selling this point earlier this year are from left – Jason Robilliard, David McMahon (Goondiwindi), and Ben Wilson.

700 people will invade Goondiwindi, Yelarbon, Inglewood and Texas next year as the Cycle Queensland Gundy to the Gold Coast Event sweeps back into Our Towns and local organizer David McMahon couldn’t be more pleased.

“This annual event is a big awareness campaign by Cycle Queensland to get us on our bikes and for our region, it’s a two-way ride…The awareness and a big boost economically for the region and Our Towns.”

Mr Mc Mahon says the influx of people is coming to towns across the region, Goondiwindi, Yelarbon, Texas and Inglewood will this time, all be part of the event and will all benefit.

gundy-cycle-2“The business and community groups will be the winners here. Usually events are particular to one town but this one will visit 4 of them in 4 days. It’s a very unique one for us.”

To put the event into context, the number of participants, at 700, Mr McMahon says, is over twice the population of Yelarbon and for Inglewood and Texas nearly matches their population.

The annual event takes in 500kms over 9 days with participants camping in towns along the way.

The event is planned for early September with representatives from Cycle Qld visiting the region to shore up community support.