Storms Signal a Severe Weather week

Storm Goondiwindi Plus More

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services together are urging residents throughout parts of South West and Central Queensland through to the south-east to prepare for several days of severe weather. The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) has forecast severe thunderstorms with heavy rain, damaging winds and … [Read more...]

So, What’s Goin’ On with This Weather?

Heat wave map 1

The Blistering summer heat wave we’re experiencing is not just with us, but is Australia wide...and it’s not going anywhere for us, any time soon. Today in Goondiwindi will be hot and sunny with a top temp of 39 and light winds. And then tomorrow will be an absolute scorcher with a top temp of … [Read more...]

ASIC Warns of Scam E-mails

Scam alert

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) is warning its Registry customers to be vigilant of scam emails purporting to be from ASIC. The Regulator says some customers have received emails containing attachments or links to fake invoices. ASIC Commissioner John Price says the … [Read more...]

It’s Hot…REALLY Hot!!


As those in the South-East brace for a four-day heat wave, and whine about temps in the mid 30’s in the State’s capital, across the South West we’re facing the brunt of it. According to the Bureau of Meteorology, residents of south-west Queensland will be hit with temperatures expected to soar … [Read more...]

Don’t Let the Damp Confuse You


The Queensland Fire and Emergency Service remains extremely concerned about fire risk across the region, despite recent rains and showers. The start of the school holiday season makes that risk even worse. Rural Fire Service (RFS) Assistant Commissioner Tom Dawson says fire activity usually … [Read more...]

A Sizzle for Summer’s Start


The word is out, not that we needed to be told… But the summer is about to kick off with a belt of heat that will stay with us into early next week. Across Goondiwindi we can expect to see the high 30’s Thursday and to hit the 40-degree mark by Friday and into the low 40’s over the … [Read more...]