Where’s the Evidence?

Qld parliament

The Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) and industry members are frustrated and disappointed with this weeks’ reintroduction of vegetation management legislation into Queensland Parliament and say the move comes without any science behind it. QFF President Stuart Armitage says the legislation … [Read more...]

QFF Eager to Get to Work with Ministers


The Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) has congratulated all newly sworn in Ministers appointed to the new 18-member State Cabinet and says it’s eager to get moving on working with them. President Stuart Armitage says there’s seven key portfolios that QFF will target during the next term in … [Read more...]

New Energy Initiatives


The State Government has announced a new suite of measures as part of its Affordable Energy Plan, including removing a restriction on regional electricity customers going back to Ergon Energy. The energy saving initiatives are being rolled out this week by the Queensland Government ahead of the … [Read more...]

Tougher Gun Laws on the Way

high capacity lever action shotguns

The State Government will restrict access to high capacity lever action shotguns in a move that it says will strengthen Australia’s National Firearms Agreement. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says the decision would improve public safety while ensuring farmers still had access to the weapons … [Read more...]

Acting Ministerial Arrangements

Mark Bailey MP

Two Ministers will share responsibilities for Energy, Water Supply, Biofuels, Main Roads, Road Safety and Ports following the Premiers’ decision to stand Mark Bailey side as a Minister overnight. Treasurer, Trade and Investment Minister Curtis Pitt will also be Acting Minister for Energy, … [Read more...]