First Time Fees Waived for Impounded Animals


Goondiwindi Regional Council approved a proposal to waive the release fee for dogs and cats that are impounded for the first time. The waiver will apply only to animals that meet state requirements for registration and microchipping. Queensland legislation requires all dogs over the age of … [Read more...]

It’s National De-Sexing Month

National De-sexing month

‘Not Again!”… That’s this years’ theme for National De-sexing Month and we’re all being asked to heed the message and act to prevent unwanted animal breeding. Animal Welfare League Qld’s National De-sexing Network Strategic Director Dr Joy Verrinder says once the cat breeding cycle starts, it … [Read more...]

Domestic Violence Approach for Pets

pet abuse

Some victims of domestic violence have remained in dangerous situations because they are worried about the safety of their pets if they leave and now a service is doing something to help. Domestic violence shelters accepting animals at risk from domestic and family violence operate now in … [Read more...]

Think of Your Furry Family Members

Photography by Paul Wilkinson Photography Ltd.

With the long weekend upon us and hot hot weather we’re being urged to think beyond ‘self’ and include pets in our planning. Acting Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries and Minister for Rural Economic Development Leeanne Enoch says with Queensland expected to have some of the hottest days on … [Read more...]

Charges Laid Against Puppy Farm Operator


A 40-year-old man will appear in the Goondiwindi Magistrates Court in May to face more than 200 animal welfare offences following that raid on a puppy farm raid near Yelarbon which uncovered more than 80 animals. Haris Ljuhar is facing 215 animal welfare-related offences after RSPCA inspectors … [Read more...]

It’s Not About the Cash – It’s the Law


Councillor Rob Mackenzie is keen to set the record straight as Council begins its a Annual Inspection Program-It’s not a revenue raising exercise, it’s the law. “The reality is that registering your dog, pool safety and building rules are all state government laws that Council must … [Read more...]

Pet Owners on Notice


As the region swelters through some of the hottest weather on record, and in the wake of the death this week of a working Police dog from heat stress, the RSPCA and Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) are warning owners that current summer heat is taking a toll on dog. At most risk are some … [Read more...]

Second Range Crossing Solutions Abound

toowoomba crossing

Designs are now being developed to build U-turn loops either side of the Postmans Ridge Road intersection with the Warrego Highway, to keep access open after the Toowoomba Second Range Crossing is built. Federal Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Darren Chester says concern had been raised … [Read more...]

Wild Dogs Dominate Agenda


The AgForce Sheep and Wool Board held their first meeting for 2017 this week with wild dogs dominating discussion. While Queensland sheep and wool producers are the most positive they have been in years following a good winter, AgForce Sheep and Wool President Alan Rae says the dogs issue remains … [Read more...]

No Place Here for Puppy Farms

malnourished dog

The discovery of malnourished dogs, some in need of urgent veterinary care, at a remote rural property near Goondiwindi, has firmed the State Government stance on puppy farms. Agriculture Minister Bill Byrne says there’s no place in Queensland for cruel and unethical exploitation of dogs for … [Read more...]