Police Launch Road Safety Winter Blitz

Driver Phone use

Drivers distracted by mobile phones will be the key target with police today launching its Winter School Holidays traffic blitz across the region. QPS’ Road Policing Command says the three-week campaign, Operation Cold Snap 2017 will see a bigger Police presence on our roads and they’ll be tough … [Read more...]

Inglewood Population Swells for the Weekend


The second weekend in July will see Inglewood come alive with a number of events due to kick off in town. Out at Coolmunda Dam, things will be a buzz with the National Hovercraft championships lifting off on a Dam now at over 90% capacity. There are at least 45 hovercraft machines in action … [Read more...]

New Feedstock Source Possible

An example of algae farm technology

New feedstock sources for livestock could be developed in Goondiwindi after a $579,000 investment by the State Government. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, says Woods Grain will seek to establish a new algae farm in Goondiwindi and trial new technology for the extraction of omega-3 oil from the … [Read more...]

ACCC 2015-16 Water Monitoring Report

water report

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has released its seventh annual Water Monitoring Report, covering 2015-16, and says it shows the effects of structural changes in the Murray-Darling Basin. ACCC Commissioner Cristina Cifuentes says this year’s report highlights that operators and … [Read more...]

Quad Bikes Recall

polrais quad bike

Polaris is recalling thousands of children’s quad bikes following the discovery that 12 of their models have parts in them that may contain asbestos. The manufacturer says tests have found that asbestos may be present in brake pads, brake shoes, gaskets and washers in 12 of its youth … [Read more...]

Power Price Pain Continues to Grow

power and cane

Canegrowers are the latest primary producers to join the swelling chorus of industry howling down the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) latest electricity prices for irrigated agriculture. The price jump is up to 5.1% and Canegrowers CEO Dan Gallgan says enough is enough. ‘This will do … [Read more...]

Littering from Vehicles

littering gundy

Council is urging locals to cover up…   Their rubbish loads that is. Councillor Rob Mackenzie says it’s important that dump visitors ensure they cover their loads when transporting waste to avoid materials being dislodged and inadvertently littering the area. “Not only is littering visually … [Read more...]

The Need for Speed

internet speed

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is calling on residents to volunteer to be part of a new program that will measure and compare broadband speeds across the region. The Nation-Wide program will install hardware-based devices in around 4,000 households over four years. These … [Read more...]