Consultation Must Now Happen

l miller

“Brutal” is the word member for Gregory Lachlan Millar is using to describe the way the State Government has handled the release of the Coaldrake Review into the Longreach and Emerald Agricultural Colleges. “Minister Furner has slammed the doors shut with no thought for affected employees or … [Read more...]

A Quiet Green Light

china stone mine

A new mega-mine worth $ 7 Billion has been green lighted by the State Government for the Galilee Basin. In a move that failed to produce even a media release the Minister Queensland’s independent Co-ordinator-General has approved MacMines Austasia Pty Ltd.’s proposal to construct and operate … [Read more...]

Spell Out the Ag. Impact


Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud has some key questions for Opposition Leader Bill Shorten as the ALP reaffirms its commitment to a 2030 reduction in emissions of 45%. Mr Littleproud says Labor has not explained where those cuts would come from and in particular, how it plans to … [Read more...]

Dust Storm Health Warning


South West Hospital and Health Service have issued a warning for people with respiratory issues to keep a sharp eye to dust storms currently crossing the southwest. The they warn it may be sufficient to inflame an asthma attack or allergic reaction. Bureau of Meteorology reports that the … [Read more...]

Rockets Fire in the West

Black Sky Aerospace

Westmar became the scene for a launch of Queensland into the space race with leading aerospace company Black Sky Aerospace successfully testing their Sighter190 rocket there this week. The Sighter190 research rocket is the first in Australia to catapult a commercial payload sky high. The … [Read more...]


where food comes from

It’s National Agriculture Day on 21 st of November- a day we should all stop to consider how agriculture makes the world a better place. Using incredible scientific advancements farmers feed more people, more sustainably with every passing year. As a result, the Australian community enjoys … [Read more...]

International Health Training Comes to the Region

health budget

Southern Queensland Rural Health (SQRH) will bring international standard training to health professionals across the South West and Darling Downs at two three-day intensive education events. Known as EHPIC (Educating Health Professionals in Interprofessional Care), the training encourages … [Read more...]

QFF Welcomes Postponement to Waste Levy

Queensland-wide waste tax

Farmers and rural communities will have more time to prepare for the Queensland Government’s new Waste Levy following continued advocacy by the Queensland Farmers’ Federation (QFF) and other industry associations. The Waste Levy will now begin on 1 July 2019, be set at $75 per tonne for general … [Read more...]