It’s Tuckshop Day!!

Tuckshop Day

Across the state, almost every day of the school week somewhere there’s a team of volunteers working away in our school tuck shops…and today is the day we say thank you to them all. Tuckshop Day is held annually on the first Friday in November to highlight the important role tuckshops play in … [Read more...]

More Gas Exploration on the Way

Queensland’s Gasfields

More than 6600 square kilometres of unexplored land in gas-rich Queensland is to be opened up for exploration – more than 900km2 of it. The Government has invited companies to bid for the right to explore for gas south-west of Chinchilla in the Bowen and Surat basins. This is the fourth … [Read more...]

(S)extortion email Warning

Scam alert

Police say they have received many reports of an extortion email being sent to members of the community. The email suggests the recipient of the email has been filmed viewing adult content websites and the video will be released unless a payment is made using Bitcoin. This is commonly referred … [Read more...]

Police Operation to Crack Down on Fake Rego Plates


A police road safety operation focusing on motorists with fake registration plates and unregistered vehicles has been launched across Queensland. The three-month operation code named Operation Quebec Yield will also involve officers targeting drivers for red light, mobile phone and seat belt … [Read more...]

Stop the Budget ‘Top Up’ at Farmers Expense


Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud has accused the State Government of ‘topping up the State Budget’ by ripping off farmers with power costs. Mr Littleproud says Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is imposing a “tax by stealth” on farmers by milking energy companies for … [Read more...]