New President for ICPA

Tammie Irons is the new president of the Queensland Council of the Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association.

Isolated Children’s Parents’ Association.
Tammie moves from a position as one of the group’s two vice presidents and takes the reins from Kim Hughes who retires after serving in the role for 3 years.

Tammie first joined the organisation in 2008 and joined state council at the Goondiwindi 2012 conference.

Wendy Henning is a new vice president for state council, joining Louise Martin, and Melissa Iland steps into the publicity officer’s role and two new committee faces also include Kate Bradshaw and Michelle Freshwater.

A new category for the organisation has also been established known as Friends of ICPA.

It’s a subscriber-only category and has no voting rights but keeps corporate groups up to date with the organisation’s publications.

Councillor Kelly Ostwald says the option allows for individuals to still be a part of voting and contribute through their membership.

“The lone membership branch had been declining because boarding schools and the like don’t want voting rights.”
Charters Towers will be the venue for the 2019 state conference.

Cunnamulla will host the 50th anniversary state conference in 2021.