MP Ann Leahy Seeks a Brush with the Law

Painted speed zone warnings on the road – They do it down south and the Member for Warrego, Ann Leahy, wants to see those big bold warnings here.
speed signs on road
Ms Leahy says the New South Wales practice of speed zones painted on the road is along overdue must.

“You can’t miss it, and this is something that I intend to change in Queensland which is why I’m championing a campaign to paint the speed zones on the roads.”

“Painting the speed zone on the road so you can’t miss it is a simple and cost effective way to inform road users of the speed zones which they are entering or leaving.”

Ms Leahy says with many signs lost, damaged or missed, motorists are often left confused.

“The painted roadway system means they can check their speed and ensure they are driving to the speed limit as the zones change.”

“Across the South West on one Highway alone, speed zones change considerably.”

“There are frequent speed zone changes along the Warrego Highway, for instance some areas are 110km/h, some 100km/h, some towns like Morven are 50km/h, Mitchell and Roma 60km/h with school zones 40km/h, Drillham 70km/h and Yuleba and Jondaryan 80km/h, and two rail crossings between Chinchilla and Miles reduced to 80km/h.”

Ms Leahy wants us all to help with the common-sense campaign to paint the zones on the road by adding your voice to her petition at

“I am urging all Queenslanders to help me in the fight to boost road safety across Regional Queensland.”