More Live Entertainment for Civic Centre

More than twelve months down the track from the official opening of the Goondiwindi Regional Civic Centre, operations have now been fully extended to incorporate more live performances within the Cinema Complex.

russell morris concert 3Mayor Graeme Scheu says the moves follow the outstanding success and rave reviews of the complex that were made after the Russell Morris Concert last year.

“Many people missed out on what was described as a show of a lifetime.”

“The Goondiwindi Cinema, as a rule, is booked for movies Wednesday to Sunday, which leaves Monday and Tuesday as live entertainment nights. “

“That does not mean that other live shows cannot happen between Wednesday and Sunday as the second cinema is still available for movies but live performances must be booked early to coincide with filming timelines for movie distributors.”

One of the latest confirmed live performances is for Dust of Uruzgan with singer songwriter Fred Smith. This exceptional songwriter will perform in the Goondiwindi Civic Theatre on Tuesday May 2 at 7pm.

Other performances confirmed are:
Friday July 14 – Queensland Music Festival
Thursday July 29 – Cotton Cutting Club – Amber Lawrence Concert
Wednesday October 25 – #FirstWorldWhiteGirls: Botox Party

Goondiwindi Regional Council are also currently in negotiations to partner QPAC for a possible live streaming of the Royal London Ballet onto the big screen at Goondiwindi Civic Centre which will be another first for the region.

Organisers say if this comes to fruition, it will be in early July.

Goondiwindi Regional Council Mayor, Councillor Graeme Scheu says anyone interested need to get in early, purchase tickets, and support these events.

“The only way we are going to attract more live performances is to support the initial shows that come our way. “