Louise Ryan has her final words for the region

ALP Candidate for the Southern Downs, Louise Ryan, has made her final comments ahead of the election this weekend.

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My family has lived in Southern Downs for four generations. I grew up on the family farm with my parents, Kerry and Veronica Ryan.

Not only are family farms sentimental, agriculture is a key industry to our state’s economy.

Once land is gone, it’s gone forever.

The LNP changed the law to rip out local landholders’ and communities’ say about mining projects.

Only Labor will restore landholders’ and communities’ right to object to mining projects.

I believe in services and jobs. But over the last three years the LNP Government has slashed services and cut jobs.

Almost 70 local nurses have lost their jobs thanks to our local MP, the Health Minister.

Labor will hire 400 more nurses across Queensland and 4000 graduate nurses over the next four years.

There are over 400 local children in oversized classrooms. Labor will hire 2500 more teachers statewide, including specialist teachers at Stanthorpe, Warwick and Goondiwindi State High Schools.

Labor is committed to training and jobs and will protect TAFE.

The Stanthorpe TAFE closed its doors last year under the LNP, stripping locals of opportunities to up-skill without having to make the trip to Toowoomba or Brisbane.

Only Labor will stand for TAFE.

The LNP wants to privatise our assets in a firesale.

South Australia’s electricity is privatised on a 99 year lease, and their power prices are among the highest in the world.

Privatisation of Ergon will mean local depots will close down, more jobs will be lost, there will be no more apprenticeships, more blackouts, and we will all pay more because a private company will always put profits before services.

That’s not the future I want for the next generation. That’s why I’m standing for Southern Downs in this election – because we deserve better.

The people of Southern Downs deserve to have a say about what happens on their land.

They deserve high quality health and world-class education.

Most importantly, these are our assets, and we need to keep it that way.