Locals called to Tender

The Government is calling on south west Queensland companies to tender to design and construct two residences at the Currawinya National Park at Hungerford near the Queensland/New South Wales border.

currawinya-national-parkMinister for Housing and Public Works Mick de Brenni says he’s keen to see the job go to local Sourh West firms.

“The people who are best placed to design and construct these homes are people who know the area – so I’m calling on south west Queensland companies to put their hand up to build them.”

Because Currawinya National Park is in a remote location, the rangers who care for the park and their families need to live where they work.

One of the residences needed will have a single bedroom, and the second residence will be built with three bedrooms.

Minister for National Parks Steven Miles said the new accommodation would house rangers who manage Currawinya.

“We have expanded the Currawinya National Park and need more rangers to take care of it, that also means more housing,” Mr Miles said.

Currawinya is one of Queensland’s largest national parks, and its freshwater and saltwater lakes are important habitat for migratory waterbirds.

Rangers on this vast, remote park manage pest plants and animals and artesian springs, and protect sites of Aboriginal and historic cultural heritage as well as threatened wildlife.

The project was open to any company registered with the Department of Housing and Public Works’ Building and Asset Services.

The Minister says if organizations that may be able to complete the work and who are not already registered for government work should get in touch with the Department of Housing and Public Works to find out how to register.

Firms wishing to qualify for Government building and construction work, and to identify open tenders, are encouraged to log onto:
www.qld.gov.au/gov/building-services or speak with Building and Asset Services on 07 3008 3392.