Texas and Mingoola joins hay run convoy to QLD’s Central West

Texas Mingoola Hay Run 3

Get a small community together behind a good cause and you never know what they might come up with. In the case of 15 local farmers from across Texas and Mingoola, the answer is three impressive road trains full of hay headed for drought-stricken properties in Queensland’s Central West. The … [Read more...]

Radioactive waste: have your say


The controversial issue of radioactive waste continues as the government decides where to store the waste - Oman Ama being one of the six proposed sites across the country. In order to gain insight from the local communities from each proposed area, an independent research survey has been … [Read more...]

Inglewood Christmas carols become a tradition

Carols will be held on Sunday December 13 at the Inglewood Swimming Pool, kicking off at 3pm!

Despite the short notice, last year’s “last-minute” Christmas Carols in Inglewood turned out to be such a success that this year they’re coming back for a second jingle! “This year because more people have spoken about it we’ve actually bought it back a week earlier… so we’re expecting even more … [Read more...]