Inglewood show a dry and dusty success

Roaring tractors pull the crowds!

A crowd of over 1000 flocked to the Inglewood Show last weekend to see an outstanding range of talent and events. "It was hot, dry and dusty... but we love that," says Show Society President Phil Clark. The temperature didn't hold back the crowds who came from Brisbane to St George... but the … [Read more...]

Aussie hero delivers hay run of hope

The 80 kilometer chain of freight trailers will be the largest in the world, hoping to score a Guinness world record.

If the heart was measured in metres, Brendan Farrell’s would be 80,000 long. After five months of logistical planning, he is about to embark on a remarkable journey to deliver over $1.3 million worth of hay to drought affected Queensland farmers. It is a mission that is set to break a Guinness … [Read more...]