Tax will turn backpackers away from the West


New taxation laws could see foreign backpackers avoid rural and remote areas due to the cost of travel and poorer earning potential. Both foreigners and farmers are up in arms over the changes that will see backpackers pay a massive 32.5 per cent tax on every dollar they earn working in … [Read more...]

Calls for best practice as cotton harvest nears

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Industry peak body Cotton Australia has called on growers to implement best practice as they prepare for this year’s harvest. With harvesting season almost upon us there is a lot of preparation to be done, but staying on top of industry standards is crucial to getting the most out of a good … [Read more...]

Nominations open for Cotton Industry Awards


Have you cottoned on to someone worthy of a pat on the back? Nominations have now opened for the 2016 Cotton Industry Awards. From growers to ginners, the awards celebrate the achievements of teams and individuals within the industry. Cotton Australia CEO, Adam Kay, says the Awards are the … [Read more...]

BOM promises farmers better seasonal forecasting

Better forecasting technology is more than just a whisper on the breeze, with the BOM’s new supercomputer set to be operational by the end of the year.

Farmers and growers often find themselves at the mercy of Mother Nature, but her movements are about to become easier to predict with improved seasonal forecasting. The Bureau of Meteorology will invest $3.3 million to improve the accuracy and frequency of seasonal projections in order to aid … [Read more...]

Region at the beating heart of pulse production

Mungbeans are a promising winter crop.

As the first region to commercially produce chickpeas in Australia, Goondiwindi finds itself at the heart of pulse production in what the UN has dubbed to be the international ‘year of the pulses’. With global demands on the rise, pulses make up a nutritious food group that holds massive export … [Read more...]

Peak body calls for transparency in horticultural industry

Farmers say they would like more transparency and real time reporting for fruit and vegetable prices.

Peak representative body Growcom has called for a focus on improving transparency through all stages of the fruit and vegetable growing industry a review of the Horticultural Code of Conduct. Providing farmers with real time price information is outlined as a major priority to ensure that famers … [Read more...]

Horizon holds horticultural opportunities for local producers

The jujube, also known as the red date of Chinese date is a small fruit originating from China that is said to have health benefits.

A free seminar is being hosted by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries in Goondiwindi today, to discuss new opportunities for business diversification for local producers in the Balonne and Border Rivers regions. The meeting will encourage growers to capitalise on the export market … [Read more...]

A Voice for Rural and Regional Queensland

Shane Knuth and Robbie Katter

Agriculture lobby group, Agforce, says it believes that the state election result whilst confused will bode well for Agriculture in the future. Agforce has voiced its many concerns throughout the Queensland state election regarding the lack of representation of the state’s Agriculture … [Read more...]