Littering from Vehicles

Council is urging locals to cover up…   Their rubbish loads that is.

Councillor Rob Mackenzie says it’s important that dump visitors ensure they cover their loads when transporting waste to avoid materials being dislodged and inadvertently littering the area.

littering gundy“Not only is littering visually ugly but it also has a detrimental effect on the environment.

“Littering from unsecured loads has to be collected by council staff and taken to a waste management facility for disposal”.

Staff time and resources have had to be redirected to perform this task rather than doing work that is more essential”.

“I find it personally frustrating that littering is completely avoidable and that the financial impact of littering is an additional cost burden that has to be borne by ratepayers.”

Littering is an offence and offenders can be issued with infringement notices or prosecuted with penalties ranging from $375.00 to $4876.00 depending upon the offence.