Land Clearing Shapes Up as The Rural Palaszczuk Pain

Just a few days in to her campaigning and the Premier Palaszczuk is being left in no doubt about reaction to her plans to re-ignite previously defeated land-clearing legislation.

Annastacia Palaszczuk
Her own candidate in Warrego, Mark O’Brien, says he won’t support the Premier’s move to re-introduce previously defeated land-clearing legislation until ‘inaccuracies’ in mapping and clearing figures are resolved and farmers across the state are fuming.

The Premier says she would remove the controversial reverse onus of proof aspect, of the proposed legislation but AgForce wants the entire policy abandoned.

AgFroce President Grant Maudsley says farmers were fed up with being targeted during elections about how they managed their land.

Queensland Farmers’ Federation president Stuart Armitage says farmers do not support a change to the current vegetation management regulations without an inclusive, objective and evidence-based approach to deliver a sensible, sustainable, long-term solution for Queensland.”

Premier Palaszczuk however says the proposed changes will stay under a Labor government.

“I’ve made it very clear that we will work with people, we will get it right, we have strong laws to stop the clearing of high-value vegetation in this state, to stop those huge land-clearing rates and that’s what the people of this state want.”

The issue flares as the Premier blitzes rural and regional areas of the state as Labor’s campaigns hard to win vital regional votes, but he land clearing issue has been identified by Peak Bodies as Labor’s “Catch 22”.

The one they need to maintain to firm up greens support and votes in some key SEQ seats, but one that is likely to cost them support in regional areas they are keen to win.

Queensland Conservation Council coordinator Tim Seelig says they welcomed Labor’s moves to strengthen land clearing laws.

“Land clearing is a key issue in context of biodiversity loss, habitat destruction, reef pollution and carbon emissions.”