Killer bats hold Charters Towers hostage

Federal member Bob Katter says the Premier of Queensland needs to understand that this time he’s very serious.

flying foxes
Mr Katter says he is in legal discussions about prosecuting the Qld Premier and Health Minister on the first available illness case, that is likely to fall from the current bat invasion and takeover of Charters Towers.

He says he State’s refusal to do anything about the issue, or to allow local government or local residents to do anything about the invasion is clearly a most flagrant breach of Duty of Care.

He says the “do nothing’ has occurred despite the fact the bats have closed a local swimming pool, a kindergarten, playgrounds, parks, and dead bats within the primary school grounds – and more terrifying – the threat they carry with salmonella, leptospirosis, hendra and lyssavirus – causing the death of a young boy in 2013, and arguably more undetected deaths every year due to incorrect diagnosis.

“At least one North Qld doctor argues there is nearly a dozen deaths a year from leptospirosis wrongly diagnosed as bronchial disease.”

“They have completely destroyed the beautiful park in Charters Towers, the centre of Charters Towers and the 130-year-old Moreton Bay fig trees.They have closed down our little mini zoo, our pool, kindergarten and the most terrible cruel death filmed on 60 Minutes of the boy in Mackay. “

“Now in the face of all of this, State Government informs us that we will be prosecuted if we attempt to move them on.”

“We have some very sick people running the State, if you consider their backgrounds there is not a single achievement like holding down a job in the real world that could be attributed to any of their leadership, they are clearly out of touch with reality.”

“Written underneath the flag at Eureka, (not that the Premier would know what Eureka was) were the words, “when oppression becomes law, then resistance becomes duty,” Mr Katter said.

“They can’t see the danger to the people of Qld, the Premier has allowed consideration of bats to override the health and life of people.”