Katter requests more support for 0-6 yo NDIS


KAP Leader and Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter has submitted a question to the Minister of Social Services requesting the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) review its support hour funding for children aged 0 to 6.

Currently to access NDIS funding guardians must provide evidence of how much the child’s condition impacts their life, including ‘any impact on their mobility, communication, social interaction, learning, self-care and self-management’ – according to the NDIS website.

However, NDIS allocates no support hour funding to children under 7 as it’s considered they still require regular fulltime guardian care.

Mr Katter says this has left some families struggling to care for their child with a disability in cases where their 5 or 6-year- old cannot dress or feed themselves, is incontinent and immobile – all things a typical 6-year- old is capable of doing.

“Better assessment needs to be in place to address the issue. My electorate offices are assisting a number of constituents with issues relating to the NDIS, and one thing that really stands out is some young families are struggling to care for children with a disability.”

“Horrifying to think, some are so under-resourced they are even considering giving up their child with a disability so he/she gets more adequate resources and care.”

“Our question to the Minister for Social Services is to consider a sliding scale of needs for children from birth to 6, rather than the current one-size fits all approach.”

“Typical 5 and 6-year- olds can dress and feed themselves and can hold their own head above water in a bath – so we’re asking the Minister why are children of this age with a disability grouped in with the high-care needs of a typical new-born?”