Katter is the Unhappy Backpacker Chappie

The Ping Pong Backpacker Tax Bill which keeps bouncing between the Lower House and the senate, will be the unravelling of rural support for the coalition and farmer groups says member for Kennedy Bob Katter.

coffee-makingMr Katter has joined Tasmanian Senator Jackie Lambie in rejecting the bill in its current form.

“The LNP are proposing hitting the farmers and tourist operators for a 20% charge on farmers. These people in business must go through all the trauma around making superannuation deductions for people who live overseas. It is utterly ridiculous.”

Mr Katter says the Government has antagonised and scared off the backpackers and all the while a compromise on the Backpacker tax was obvious.

“If they had taken the superannuation payment as a taxation payment then everyone would have been comfortable.”

“Infinitely more importantly the business class, farmers/tourist operators are left with just another heap of paperwork and a tax burden. They have antagonised everyone. “

“The ALP quite frankly has not performed much differently.”

Mr Katter says the abolition of the superannuation levy and changing that to the same amount as a tax would have been a sensible proposal which would have had the backing of every employer of backpackers in Australia.

“No disrespect to the National Farmers Federation (NFF) but their position would not be supported by a single farmer in North Queensland.”

“Once again the people of Australia just shake their heads in disgust.” Mr Katter said.