It’s Not About the Cash – It’s the Law

PupCouncillor Rob Mackenzie is keen to set the record straight as Council begins its a Annual Inspection Program-It’s not a revenue raising exercise, it’s the law.

“The reality is that registering your dog, pool safety and building rules are all state government laws that Council must enforce.”

“We go to great lengths to advertise and remind people that dog registrations are due but people ignore it until we start knocking on some doors.”

Council records indicate that there are 160 less dogs currently registered than last year, which is a decline of nearly 10%.   

Councillor Mackenzie says registrations bring Council around $65,000 per year, which is nowhere near the cost of tags, sending notices, operating a pound and responding to the 550 animal related complaints received each year.

“All of our activities are aimed at getting in front of the complaints so that people can go about their lives without impact from animals that are not being properly cared for.”

“The registration process is one way of making sure that the few people in the community who currently don’t may start to take animal ownership more seriously.”

“It also means we can get your loved one back to you more quickly if they are lost.”

“It really is pretty simple, if you register your dog, keep it inside your yard or on a leash when out then you have nothing to worry about.”