Inland Rail Condamine Route on a FAST Track

As pressure mounts from local landholders Federal Infrastructure Minister Darren Chester will fast track an Impact Study to determine the suitability of the Condamine floodplain as a route for the inland rail.

It is expected the impact study will explain how the inland rail will be engineered and will spell out the true financial cost of building there.

Condamine floodplain
Local concern continues to flair as inland rail builder government-owned Australian Rail Track Corporation has not outlined how the infrastructure will be engineered so as not to exacerbate flood events.

The current floodplain route was selected on the basis it was the cheapest compared to three other routes which were studied.

The inland route proposed crosses 16km of what locals say are some of Australia’s most productive agricultural land on the floodplain.

The route will also result in the dissection of up to 80 farms between Inglewood and Millmerran.