Goondiwindi Camping

Goondiwindi Camping, Hunting & Fishing

Throughout the Goondiwindi Region there is a number of camping and fishing reserves to ensure you embark on a true Australian bush experience.

goondiwindi-campingCamping out under the undisturbed night sky and trying your luck in some of the best inland fishing spots Australia has to offer, is one way to make sure your trip to Goondiwindi is memorable.

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Local fishing clubs are continually restocking the rivers and dam to ensure plenty of fish are readily available for locals and visitors alike.

Although, bag and size limits do apply in Queensland so please contact Queensland Boating and Fisheries on (07) 4622 9919 for seasonal information.

Drop into the Visitor Information Centre for a free copy of the Goondiwindi Camping and Fishing Guide.

There’s a wide range of Goondiwindi Outdoor Activities available to all visitors both young and old. We have listed a few of these here, but if you are visiting, just ask the friendly locals and we are sure you will find a whole lot more.

Bird Watching

The Goondiwindi region being a natural paradise combined with glorious weather all year round, offers endless opportunities for visitors to get a glimpse of some magnificent wildlife.

plumheaded finchAround 200 species of birds have been identified in the region and there are a number of great bird watching spots, so it is essential that visitors to the area set aside some time to see some of the natural wonders.

Local species include plum-headed finche, spotted bowerbirds, freckled ducks and grey-crowned babblers.

Be sure to visit the Goondiwindi Visitor Information Centre to pick up a copy of the “Bird Watching in the Goondiwindi Region” brochure, which details the best bird watching spots.


Magnificent wildflowers bloom in the region with late winter and early spring rains. The assortment of flowers can truly be breathtaking and offer a very dazzling range of colours for visitor’s eyes.

Botanical Gardens

Situated on the western outskirts of Goondiwindi lies the local Botanical Gardens, which offers itself as a tranquil place for relaxation and rest.

Goondiwindi gardensExplore the diversity of bird life and Australia’s native flora and fauna within the 25-hectare gardens. The area is more than suitable for public recreation with playground facilities, BBQ’s, shelter sheds and toilet amenities available for use. Additionally the garden also features a 5 hectare lake that provides an opportunity for swimming and canoeing, which is more than ideal in the rural heat.

Unlike many other botanic gardens throughout Australia, the Goondiwindi Botanic Gardens displays only native plants and exhibits the unique flora of a distinct catchment. So visit the quiet and beautiful gardens to rest, play and embrace the wonders of nature.

Four-wheel Driving

In terms of four-wheel driving Goondiwindi has it all on offer, whether it is a drive along relaxed country roads or a challenge against the rugged outback terrain. It doesn’t matter if you take the gentle path or the adventurous one, both will lead you through a beautiful natural environment and reward you with the picturesque country landscape.

Walking Trails

The stunning environment that exists within Goondiwindi can be best explored by foot through embarking on one of the many walking trails in the area.

The Goondiwindi Natural Heritage and Water Park is the most popular destination for those eager explorers, with six different scenic routes on offer. It is open from 6am to 8pm and is located east of Goondiwindi town.

The Botanical Gardens also offer bushland walking trails amongst the vast array of flowers and birds.

Additionally, the Goondiwindi River is another location where you will find people out exercising and soaking up the nature.

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